FuturLab get Sony Funding, Working on PS Vita Content


Velocity is, in my opinion, the best handheld game of 2012. It rightly garnered critical plaudits, and remains to this day one of the hidden gems in PlayStation Vita’s catalogue. Since the success of Velocity, FuturLab have been developing games for Sony’s newly-released PlayStation Mobile platform, all of which have been similarly praised.

The Brighton-based development studio have quickly established themselves as the best ambassadors for indie development on PlayStation handhelds. As such, it is both logical and encouraging to see Sony put their full support behind them. FuturLab will be receiving funding to produce PS Vita content in 2013, while still retaining 100% control of their IP.


Even more excitingly, FuturLab delivered an encoded message within their press release, which reveals a countdown site called ‘Fan Powered Flight’. The website hints at a sequel to Velocity with the words ’YOU ASKED FOR IT’ alongside names of those who have requested a Velocity follow-up. As well as this, the reference to ‘flight’ in the URL further suggests that more Velocity may be in the works – none of FuturLab‘s other titles to date feature any kind of flying.

So, looks like I’m buying a Playstation Vita.

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