Glitch Games Strikes Again With ‘Forever Lost: Episode 2′

Forever Lost: Episode 2
Forever Lost 2 Title Screen

A few weeks ago IGM Mobile’s Managing Editor, Charles, stumbled across Forever Lost: Episode 1 in the forums and decided to give it a go. What he found was an extremely well-executed puzzle-horror game with a unique photography mechanic. Done in the style of a classic ‘Room Escape’ game, Forever Lost is an episodic horror game that emphasizes puzzle-solving over charging head-first into groups of mildly-creepy enemies.

Well now it seems like developer Glitch Games has been hard at work, because  Forever Lost: Episode 2 has just been announced. There’s not much information so far, but from the scraps of information that have been released so far, it seems like it’s going to be bigger, better and even creepier than the first.

You can track the progress of Forever Lost: Episode 2 via their Facebook page and Twitter account.

In the mean time, Episode 1 is still available in the App Store for a mere $0.99, and if you’re interested in either puzzle or horror games at all, it’s definitely worth a look.

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