Robot Love: ‘Go Robo!’ Brings Shakin’ Action And Supports Autism Patients


So when ever can you find a generous indie developer to donate 25 percent of all game sales towards National Autistic Society? Shockingly, Recluse Industries is willing to. Considering that Apple takes 33 percent of all sales, then another 25 percent for supporting Autism patients, I have to give them a big hand of applause for their generosity. What’s also important here is how you can help Robo in Go Robo! (ゴーローボー!)grab some chicks.

Robo is your mega-hip, funky-trunkin’ dance machine. If it ain’t Robo spinning on that dance floor, it ain’t no one else. Help Robo spin through the electro grooves at Vector Lovers, as he enters the infinite disco zone. Watch the colors pulse and the bass shake your body, but at this club, dancing is strictly no-contact. You get to control Robo, as he avoids the lame and de-funked robots and dodges the sub-woofers. Make sure to steer clear of the booty-shaking girls as they’ll do anything to get a piece of Robo’s metal hunk.

Grab powerups to jump, fire, shrink, and speed through the randomly generated track, where no two games are the same! Grabbing cassette tapes will increase your score and unlock the next skull-shaking electro track by Vector-Lovers.

For more information, visit their official website or download Go Robo! at the App Store, universal for iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

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