‘God Of Blades’ On Sale For A Limited Time

God of Blades

White Whale Games are currently running a limited time promotion on their hit action game, God of Blades.

God of Blades

If you missed it, the pulp fantasy inspired title garnered a lot of praise on its release last year, building itself around the concept of a 2D sword fighter set in a time where evil corrupts the land to the core (as it tends to do). Physics based combat provides a unique result for every dual you come across, sending armour or swords flying in all directions as you carve up the enemy.

Right now you can purchase the game for the very affordable price of $1.99. More content updates are also in the works though it’s all hush hush for the time being. We can only speculate as to what White Whale are up to, perhaps something that isn’t related to God of Blades at all? Maybe a sequel? Only time will tell.

God of Blades

If you haven’t played God of Blades yet, now is a better time than ever to pick it up on the cheap. No date has been given for when the promotion ends so don’t think about it too long and go download it from the App Store today.

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