‘God Of Blades’ Preview – Putting Artistic Style In Your Hack & Slash

God of Blades

God of Blades

Developer White Whale Games describes God of Blades as “A love-song to pulp fantasy tales of yore, 70s synth-prog-landscape oddities, and forgotten places”. Sound confusing? Maybe a little bit out there? It definitely is, and I love it so far.

In God of Blades you play as The Nameless King, a hero straight from the dead. He actually looks like a mash-up of a White Walker from Game of Thrones and the Dead Men of Dunharrow from Lord of the Rings. In many ways, you’re thrown into the game without really know what’s going on, yet a battle is taking place. I liked it, it gave that Half-Life sort of vibe where you have to figure everything out on your own.

Technically, you can classify God of Blades in the endless runner genre with the swipe and slash gameplay of Infinity Blade, but it’s much more than that. The gameplay in God of Blades is also rhythmic. When you get it down it just feels good. Kind of like that sense of accomplishment when mastering a music game.

God of BladesThe art style is right out of the 70′s sci-fi/fantasy scene. All the way from the audio down to the cutscenes, it’s something that I’ve never experienced before. During its viral campaign God of Blades also had some ties to fake fantasy novels. Continuing on the trend they then announced the feature of unlocking items for checking into your local public library. It’s these fresh ideas that make me love playing and writing about indie games.

Currently one thing I’ve noticed in God of Blades is how different the characters move when they’re being attacked. When you or an enemy are being attacked, the characters push back like they’re on an ice rink. It’s a really weird looking animation (or lack of animation) in comparison to how the enemies look when they’re defeated and the rag doll physics kick in. The game does look very polished overall though. White Whale Games really put some cool touches on in the visual aspect of combat such as incorporating the blade animations. When slashing up enemies you can see pieces of their armor fly off, their sword get chopped in half, or see their weapon fly all the way into the background as you hit it out of their hands. It all looks really cool, especially with all the action going on in the background.

The backgrounds differ from level to level. In the beginning you’ll start off in a cave looking area and work your way out into a massive battle. You’ll watch troops march out to battle, get bombed, battle giants, and best of all everything is really well animated with bodies flying and weapons soaring through the air. It all looks so good that you may even get distracted from your own battle!

God of Blades should be launching soon as Apple has already accepted their submission. Be sure to keep an eye out for it in the coming week(s) so you can see for yourself the unique presentation and how fun it is to play. Follow White Whale Games on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their latest news.

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