Going, Going…: ‘Leaving’ Teaser Trailer Outed


The more philosophical of commentators might note that a farewell is never painful unless you’re never going to say hello again, and that might just be a poignant reflection of what Mimicry Games’ latest project intends to highlight.

Leaving, described by Mimicry as a “short 3D artistic experiential role-playing game,” or “S3DAERPG” if you’re into acronymous hipster lingo, is coming to 2nd and 3rd Generation iPad devices at some point during Q3 2012, and the developers have taken it upon themselves to release a suitably cryptic teaser trailer to raise our eyebrows.

Set over the course of three separate acts, Leaving tells the story of Willem, a chap readying himself for a life-changing trek abroad. Leaving the familiar surroundings of your home, your family and your better half, you’ll embark on a journey into the unknown stretches of a truly foreign land, driving home the true implications of a full-fledged departure from one’s comfort zone. The game will operate through the use of the iPad’s touch screen interface, encouraging players to apply gestures and screen taps to explore Leaving‘s emotional world. Heavy Rain without the gore, the sinister plotting and the overt sexualisation, then? Who knows?

We’ll keep you updated on Leaving‘s progress as new details emerge.

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