‘Prince Of Balls HD’ Review – A Bouncy Tapping Adventure

Prince of Balls
Prince of Balls

The story of a prince rescuing his princess is one we’re familiar with, but what if the prince is just a little orange ball that’s up against all sorts of obstacles and enemies? Don’t underestimate him as he’ll be jumping his way to become a hero in Prince Of Balls.

The game features a single tap gameplay mechanic in which just a tap on the screen will determine the peak of the Prince’s jump. The goal is to complete the levels in as few jumps as possible. Along the way you’ll collect stars, coins, fruit, and other various items to increase your high score and make it through the levels.

The game looks great overall. While playing it actually reminded of Maple Story, the 2D MMO by Nexon. You start off in a bright colorful grassy environment that has some cool mud effects later on. You’ll also explore a castle, lava, and ice stage. Of course, each of these new worlds brings new gameplay mechanics along with them, giving a refreshing experience throughout.

Prince of BallsWhile the single tap gameplay is very simplistic, it is actually quite fun! I found myself going back to previous levels and planning out my jumps accordingly to get as many items as possible and improving my high score. While you’ll want to combine speed, reducing your jumps, limiting your deaths, and getting as many coins as pobbile to increase your high score, it’s also fun to explore and try and get each one of these individually.

At the start of each level you’ll be limited in how many jumps you can do, but throughout you will come across respawn points and food which will replenish your energy. There’s even some potions you can pick up that will alter the Prince.

Overall there’s some replayability found in each level as once you complete it you will be awarded with various achievement medals that add to your overall high score. If you want the highest score possible, you’ll want to attempt and get all this medals in one run. Some of them are based on how many jumps you use, how fast you can complete the level, or completing a stage without dying.

Prince of BallsThe bad side about these goals is you’re never told what they actually are or how you earn them. It isn’t until you complete a level where you’re rewarded with various badges, some you may not even be sure how you earned them. As far as the badges you didn’t unlock, the only way to find out what they are is getting them by chance on your playthrough.

Sadly, these badges are strictly for improving your score. There aren’t any unlockables or aesthetic items to add on to the Prince, so if you’re not interested in high scores, you may be a little let down. Besides the lack of achievements, Prince of Balls does not have Game Center support either, so if you were hoping to see how you stacked up against the competition you’ll have to use the proprietary website log-in.

Overall Prince of Balls is refreshing platforming experience with its single tap gameplay. Where the game hurts is its lack of longevity. If you’re one whose become use to being rewarded while playing, you may be lose interest in Prince of Balls.

You can currently grab Prince of Balls HD for $2.99, or try out the free version if you’re hesitant. For my fellow Android gamers you can pick up the free version of Prince of Balls on the Google Play store to hold you over until it is fully released at a later date.
[review pros="Fun Gameplay, Great Presentation" cons="Lacking In Lasting Appeal" score=78]

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