Help Save Moopville: ‘Moops’ Brings Critter-Smashing Action!


Based in Dundee, Scotland, Red Radiant Media is getting reading to release Moops, your portal to a stylish world, where you’re the hero! So, what’s Moops all about? Set in the tranquil lands of Moopville, pests have invaded all the cities and towns, causing mass hysteria and panic. Wouldn’t you freak if your house was filled with cockroaches? Well, after the E.A.F., which stands for Elite Action Force, set out by the Mayor, is defeated, it’s your job as Flunk & Dunk to get rid of the nasty critters.

How the game works is that you control Flunk, the main character, who clubs critters with a “whacker” while Dunk will suck them up in his Bug Sucker device. Collecting rewards and Mooty, the in-game currency, which you can use to buy items, such as costumes or equipment upgrades, in the game shop. The game altogether will include 20 levels and features four mini-games.

Moops is expected launch within May 2012 for iOS devices. For more information, check out their official website. The following are some more screenshots of Moops.

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