‘Hexius’ Challenges Your Puzzle Skills On iOS


Let’s be honest, a touch screen device is perfectly suited to puzzle games and their nature. It’s like the two were made for each other! So if you’re like me and you can’t get enough of the genre, here’s another game to check out.


hexius1Hexius is all about connecting hexagons together to clear the play field and rack up that high score. But instead of the old way of turning tiles around to match with other, all you need to do is tap on four or more matching tiles anywhere on the game board to eliminate those tiles and whatever may be caught up in the connection. The fast you’re able to match the tiles, the faster the high score multiplier will increase.

There’s a number of game modes on offer too. Time Attack and Level Challenge modes are rather obvious, beating the clock or achieving certain goals to progress. Strategy Mode, however, is a neat alternative where you have to reach as high a score as you possibly can with only 30 moves available. There’s no time clock so you can take as much time as you need to ensure you choose the right tiles to get that score right up there. If it looks a little tricky, don’t panic, the game also includes some tutorials to help get your high score flowing freely.

Hexius comes to us from Phasic Labs out of Liverpool, England, who have uploaded a new free version of the game to play on the App Store. Hexius Free includes the traditional time attack mode and the ability to unlock the other modes via a simple upgrade for a very affordable price. It certainly looks addictive, so why not check it out and let us know what you think via our forums!

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