‘Hollywood Monsters’ Coming To iOS December 6

Hollywood Monsters

Pendulo Studios, the studio behind the Runaway game series, and Bulkypix, the minds behind Spincraft, are teaming up to bring you Hollywood Monsters, coming soon to smartphones and tablets.


Hollywood Monsters is an adventure game that parodies the golden era of the horror movie genre, packed with references to the most popular movies and series. The premise of the game itself is rather simple; The monsters that we see in horror movies are actually played by real-life monsters. These monsters are forced to act in other genres such as romantic comedies, musicals and even children’s movies and, not entirely unexpectedly, decide to rebel against these injustices. It is your job to assist two unlikely heroes; talented journalist Liz Allaire and Dan Murray, the self-styled macho man with an irrational fear of beetles, in a mysterious adventure that will put your brain to the ultimate test.

Hollywood Monsters features production quality, graphics and sound worth of a great animation movie, a cast of zany and guady characters, including many recognisable monsters from famous movies, and a well-designed ‘help’ interface to ensure you’re never stuck for too long.

Hollywood Monsters is scheduled for release on December 6th on the iPhone and iPad. You can also visit the Bulkypix website  or the Pendulo Studios website to check out their other games.

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