‘Hooked On Words’ Now Available On Android

Hooked On Words
Hooked On Words

Originally released back in June for the iPhone and iPad, Hooked On Words has been downloaded over an incredible half a million times and has a current rating of 4 1/2 stars. Plasmaworks has now brought their hit game over to Android and they’re looking for the same success.

For those unfamiliar with Hooked On Words, players can form words in any direction in 4 different modes which all offer something unique. In Standard Mode you can play at your pace as you strategize to spell biggers words, or you can take your way over to Timed Mode where players get 2 minutes and an unlimited suppy of letter tiles to spell as many words as possible. Just when you think you’ve figured the game out you can try out Collapse and Scramble Mode which introduce the gamelay mechanics of trying to clear the board, and losing the ability to change letters. Hooked On Words also offers an addicting twist with the innovative bonus tile system that allows you to score huge points and extend your game.

Best of all, Plasmaworks have plans on expanding Hooked On Words with multiplayer and other new content. The entry price? Absolutely free.

Be sure to check out the trailer and gallery below for a better look at Hooked On Words. Don’t forget to pick it up on Google Play and the App Store today! For those with a Kindle Fire and Nook, don’t worry, Hooked On Words will be coming there soon!

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