Humble Bundle For Android 4 Announced

Humble Bundle For Android 4
the humble bundle for android 4

We’ve been waiting on this for a while now and the fantastic guys over at Humble have just released their latest bundle onto the world.

The Humble Bundle For Android 4 is yet again another bundle that primarily focuses on the mobile market. Like the bundles of the past, but this does not preclude users of computers. As one big feature with this bundle is the cross-platform nature of the games.

As always the Humble Bundle is operating on a pay what you want scale and as the games listed are of such high quality it would cost you around $120 to buy them individually so grab yourself a deal here.

The games in the bundle are:

  • Splice – an organic puzzler in which you must mutate, resequence and splice all manner of microbes together to solve puzzles.
  • Eufloria – A unique take on RTS games as you take to space and conquer the galaxy with seedling.
  • Waking Mars – Trapped on Mars astrobiology Liang must discover and rejuvenate the lost ecosystem on the red planet.
  • Crayon Physics Deluxe – A unique physics puzzle in which your doodles provide the basis for objects to solve the puzzles at hand.
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery – Is an adventure game told in “sessions”, each of which involves traversing a mythical realms, of course using your sword.

These provide the base titles in the bundle and paying anymore than $1 will unlock them. However if you beat the average you also unlock Machinarium a beautifully created point and click adventure game. In which you play as a heroic little robot on his quest to save his friends from bullies.

machinarium Robot Wasteland

If that was not enough you will also be supporting two fantastic charities by buying this bundle. Child’s Play who provide gaming to sick children in hospitals by working directly with hospitals worldwide.

Along with The Electronic Frontier Foundation. A fantastic organization that works to fight congress to protect privacy and free expression online throughout the world. And in the world we live in this is becoming ever more important.

If you are interested in scooping up quite the bargain than head over to the official Humble site here.


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