Hyper Breaker Turbo – Breaking Bricks, Not Your Bank

The holiday spirit continues today as Hyper Breaker Turbo becomes free until the New Year begins. This game, travelling onto your iOS devices all the way from the Netherlands, aims to bring gamers the next generation of brick-breaking action, smashing the boundaries of past brick-breakers like, well, a brick. What follows is my novice interpretation of the game, having not had the chance to play it for myself, but there’s a full review available here.


What Hyper Breaker Turbo brings to the table is, along with the normal brick-breaking ball that bounces around the screen – if I keep that up, I’ll wear out the ‘b’ on my key*oard – a curved paddle that gives more precise aim and unique multi-screen levels.

In addition to this, the touch screen control scheme means that the paddle can be dragged anywhere on the screen, rather than left-to-right only. This means that the gamer will remain active throughout, chasing the ball down in an attempt to keep it in play, rather than watching as it flies past the paddle and knowing nothing else can be done.

Such sphere-chasing action will span across three crisp, colourful themes, each containing 25 levels each, and adding up to a total of 75 levels of bricks that are far too unbroken for my liking. More themes are also planned to arrive in the future, but no specific time or price has been announced yet.

There are also Game Center leaderboards and achievements that will have gamers competing or working together breaking bricks, and an ‘old-school’ retro soundtrack composed by Martijn Vaassen that will accompany you in doing so.


Another nice feature of Hyper Breaker Turbo is that it features Kamcord/EveryPlay compatibility, which allows gamers to record, edit and upload their replays to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter for others to see. If you want a closer look at the game before you download it, there’s a ton of gameplay videos on Kamcord and EveryPlay.

Based on what I’ve seen, Hyper Breaker Turbo looks to continue the addictive fun of brick-breaking games, while adding a few new features to the experience. Whether it’s the free control of the paddle, or the challenge added by the multi-screen levels, this game certainly looks like something worth picking up before the year is over.

So, take a break from the New Year celebrations and head to the App Store, before you have to use your wallets and purses – already bruised by Christmas – to do so.

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