Ice Escape – Free, Frozen Dinosaur Puzzler

Ice Escape: Steakosaurus Rescue, the puzzle game for iOS, Android, PC and Ouya showed up in my inbox after Vinny Parisi, the mastermind behind IGM’s newest Gameplay section for indie streamers, forwarded it over with one sentence attached; “This game is adorable. We have to cover it.” Well, I couldn’t disagree, and here we are.

Corey and Jesse, the developers behind this icy multi-platform game have promised an experience that will take gamers back in time – not quite to the prehistoric ages – but to the retro styling and sound of games such as Banjo Kazooie and the ice caves of early Pokemon games.


In this prehistoric outing, dinosaurs are no longer extinct, having thawed out after being frozen for millions of years. The plight of the dinosaur is never over, though, and despite surviving the meteors that wiped out their brethren, three dinosaurs must now escape 100 icy mazes.  Each remaining dino has their own special abilities – of which I know very little, but assume that they’re as awesome as their scaly owners – and these will have to be used and combined if escape is ever going to be a possibility.


Swiping a finger across a touch-screen device sends the creatures sliding across the ice until they hit a wall, at which point they’ll dust themselves off and do it again until they reach the exit – feeling maybe a little worse for wear, but just grateful not to be buried under layers of sedimentary rock, I’d imagine. As expected, the game is said to become gradually more difficult, with a dinosaur hunter called Van Hyde lurking about, and a carnivorous beast of sorts, called Tasukete.

Ice Escape is available now as a free game with no ads whatsoever. Even if it didn’t have dinosaurs as its protagonists, that makes it worth checking out. These dinosaurs waited millions of years to make it to our screens, so it’s only fair that we all try to help them out of their maze crisis, right?

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