The IGM Mobile Game Of The Month: January


Each month over the course of 2013 we’ll be looking back at the best titles released across all mobile platforms, starting at the beginning and working our way through until we choose our Mobile Game of the Year. The crucial vote will be up to you, our loyal readers. Simply choose from the nominees below and post your vote in the official forum thread.

January had plenty of great releases, despite the fatigue of christmas shopping lingering over our heads. The nominees are:

Fractured Soul (3DS) by Endgame Studios

Gunman Clive (3DS) by Bertil Hörberg

Joe Danger Touch (iOS) by Hello Games

Hundreds (iOS) by SemiSecret

Puzzle Retreat (iOS) by The Voxel Agents

Temple Run 2 (Android/iOS) by Imangi Studios

Time Surfer (iOS) by Kumobius Games

Wave Trip (iOS) by Lucky Frame

Other? Is there a game you played this path month that deserves to be on the list? Vote for it!

To qualify, all games must be released either in PAL or NTSC territories in the month of January. The official results will be revealed for all to see here on IGM Mobile very soon, so keep an eye out and vote now.

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