The Indie Studio That Wants To Rescue ‘Homeworld’

Homeworld 2

Unless you’ve been living in Middle Earth for the past few weeks, you would have heard about the sale of former games giant THQ and the various franchises and studios under the studio’s name. While it may be sad to see a studio fall, there’s a few silver linings. Take Indie studio teamPixel for example, who are hard at work trying to save the real time strategy series Homeworld from oblivion.

Homeworld 2Homeworld was first released back in 1999 and told the tale of the Kushan, who create a Mothership in order to travel from their barren planet to a new yet ancient homes that were once long forgotten. As a real time strategy in space, you could move the camera across a full 360 degree field, allowing you to direct your fleet any which way you wanted whilst fighting off alien ships and mining, building and expanding your Mothership and its cargo of vessels.

Whilst a number of updates and sequels were released by then developers Relic Entertainment (the sequel Homeworld 2 was released back in 2003), the studio moved onto the Warhammer: Dawn of War franchise and the upcoming Company of Heroes 2, leaving the Space RTS genre behind. As of right now, the studio was purchased by Sega, but what of the Homeworld brand?

That’s where teamPixel comes in. The indie studio has put together an indiegogo campaign to raise enough funds to purchase the Homeworld IP outright, allowing them to rebuild and expand the franchise. Why teamPixel? While they may be a small and young team, the studio has been working on their own project that follows a smilier path to the former THQ product itself, a space based RTS for mobile.


homeworld-touchIf successful, teamPixel has lofty goals for the franchise. Not only would they re-release the original Homeworld games on GoG and Steam for free, they would quickly begin work on turning their own original product into what they’ve dubbed Homeworld Touch or Homeworld Classic, an update of the original game for the Apple App Store and Google Play that would replace the old keyboard and mouse controls with full touch screen options. They would then set their sights on porting the rest of the franchise to portable devices before beginning on the ultimate quest, Homeworld 3. However, none of that is possible without owning the IP, hence the team has started a crowd funding campaign to ensure that happens.

Via indiegogo, you can contribute to the funding project that wants to ensure the future of the Homeworld franchise is bright. Now of course there’s no guarantee that the studio will be able to purchase the IP during this sale period or that Sega might not do it themselves, but given how much potential there is and how passionate the team seem to be there’s certainly some hope to cling to.

As of this article there’s just nine days left to aid the team in their goals, with $10,000 of the $50,000 raised. So why not head on over to the official support site to check out the project and donate what you can. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the progress of the project and will provide updates as they come to hand.

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  1. Jenraux

    Big fan of the HW franchise, bought Cataclysm back in 2003, got Homeworld 2 when it was brand new, and still play it to this day with the Complex mod, I would be very pleased to see it make a come back.

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