‘iTapPirate’ Goes Freemium With Latest Update


We’ve mentioned iTapPirate a few times here on IGM, but this next update is probably the most interesting yet.

The iOS game has officially gone freemium as of version 2.1, allowing you to play a certain way into the game before purchasing more levels if you’re keen. According to creators Inter-Illusion, if you’re of a high enough skill level you’ll be able to unlock further levels by completing certain missions.


There’s more to the latest content update too, based largely on feedback and suggestions from players. The campaign itself has been redesigned to allow for shorter bursts of action between bus rides, along with further difficulty adjustments. There’s now 30 challenges to complete along with plenty of bonus levels to seek out during play.

There’s also been a few changes to the equipment you’ll use. Certain weapons such as the pistol now has infinite ammo whilst sword play has been improved upon since the last update. It all makes for an even better experience over the past iterations of the game.

iTapPirate is available for for free and supportes iOS6 devices such as iPad or iPhone. If you’re not sure what to expect, why not check out our review from a few months back.

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