‘iTapPirate’ Is A Getting Huge Update!


iTapPirate, the recently released first-person shoot-where-you-tap game developed by Inter-Illusions, is getting a huge update! Despite landing on the App Store just a few days ago, the developers have been busy during the time waiting for approval. How busy you ask? If you read my review of iTapPirate you’ll be glad to hear that they addressed pretty much every concern I had initially with the game.

A few things I had mentioned in my review was that the gameplay got tedious at times as it quite literally only involved tapping, lack of weapons, and a campaign that didn’t actually have a story to it. I also mentioned how awesome it would be if sword play was incorporated and used gestures. Guess what Inter-Illusions did? Address literally everything.

That’s right, not only will they be adding sword fighting using gestures, more weapons, cinematics for added drama and a better story, but they’ll also be throwing in bosses as well as a lot of other add-ons!

I initially gave iTapPirate a 70/100, but with this update landing the next couple weeks I have to recommend you pick up the game as there’s a lot of content for only $1.99. You can pick up iTapPirate in the App Store today for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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