‘iTapPirate’ Sets Sails For iOS


The worst part about having to write about iTapPirate is that it means I have to use every ounce of willpower I can summon in order to resist flooding the page with cheesy pirate puns. Interactive Illusion appears to have created an entertaining run-and-gun for the iOS platform, using the brilliant Unreal Engine to fuel the flintlocks and cutlasses players will be faced with wading through, so my job is simply not to ruin it by shouting “yargh!” at the end of every sentence. Here we go.

iTapPirate is an easy to pick up shooter where players must mercilessly gun down pirates in their own defense while rushing to complete some predetermined objective. The video above gives some idea of what those objectives may be like, but whether it’s saving an ally or simply facing down the enemy, there does not appear to be any drop in action, meaning fingers will continue flying over the surface of your iDevice until the job is done. Your hand eye coordination had better be up to par, because that is what iTapPirate is all about. Instead of fidgeting with a virtual control pad, players need only tap where they wish their shots to land and the bullets will immediately land true, just make sure no allies get caught in the crossfire.

Quite literally, Interactive Illusion has added more depth to the title with the use of a new render mode, functioning as glasses free 3D, which they call “Holographic View”. In this mode, the perceived depth of field within the game is increased, enhancing the overall visual experience players will enjoy during their lead-spraying corsair campaign — it’s previewed in the video below. PowerUps and explosives have also been added to the game for players to optimize their pirate destruction and climb up the leaderboards to rival the notoriety of Blackbeard himself. Game modes such as survival in addition to the campaign should keep you returning to the app even after completing the main campaign, allowing you to continue your battle against the seafaring fiends as you struggle to survive your unfortunate circumstance.



While no release date has been announced for iTapPirates, Interactive Illusion has said that they will begin beta testing soon, hopefully meaning a full release isn’t far off. Stay tuned here and to Interactive Illusions official website or facebook page for more information.

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