‘iTapPirate’ – Thar Be Updates On The Way


Inter-illusion has new updates for their game iTapPirate on their way in the upcoming weeks and they look fan-freaking-tastic:

The new updates with include:

* Sword fighting using gestures (similar to Fruit Ninja! Who doesn’t like slicing a pirate in half?!!!)

* Bosses (Heavy bosses that add alternative gameplay to the game)

* More weapons   (There are BIG surprises here!!!!)

* More cut scenes for added drama and better story

Though the game was fun before, these new features should make its interface more user-friendly, in addition to giving players a lot more content.

As a reminder, Interi-llusion is also offering an extra hidden weapon that will allow players to burn down ships to anyone who buys the game and reaches the harbor level prior to the update. For more news on the iTapPirate updates as they are released, check out Inter-illusion’webpage.


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