From Chaos Interactive comes Jetpack High, their fourth mobile title – with something of interest to note: It’s available for Blackberry. The studio’s previous releases include Paper Ball, Hole In The Wall and La Choco Adventure. Although their current title doesn’t look to break any boundaries, a game implementing device acceleration is always a plus. After all, very few seem to take advantage of the native device component that is the Accelerometer.jetpack_high_story_part3

Jetpack High features 95 missions to complete across 23 levels, as players tilt and tap their way through obstacles. Blow dryers, flames, circular saws and ropes of laser-like zappers stand in the way of your trip to the top. These dangerous obstacles must be avoided while also collecting coins. Control-wise, players navigate by tilting the device left and right, or by tapping while using the optional onscreen gamepad. There is also a fuel gauge mechanic, requiring canisters to be collected during the fast-paced ascent. Ranked online leaderboards keep track of high scores when competing against friends – or strangers – via Facebook and Game Center.iphone5_1

Jetpack High is currently available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Google Play, and Blackberry World for Blackberry 10 and Playbook – and is free on all platforms. To find out more on this title – or previous games by Chaos Interactive – you can visit

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