Jonathan Blow’s ‘The Witness’ Coming To iOS

The Witness

The WitnessThe highly anticipated game from the mind of Jonathan Blow, The Witness, looks like it will be coming to iOS thanks to a little misfortune and his newly formed development team making significant progress on the port. Back in August Blow stated that he was looking for a Microsoft or Sony exclusive, but since that didn’t happen, it looks like us mobile gamers will be able to experience his game sooner, rather than later. Blessings in disguise!

Today Blow posted a blog over on the official website for The Witness announcing the port. Right now the shaders need to be imported and some other graphical settings tweaked as you can see by the screenshot embedded. It’s also worth noting Blow stated that the touch controls “feel more immediate than mouse and keyboard”. Chalk one up for the mobile gamers!

With The Witness being one of the most anticipated indie titles to coming out in the immediate future, I’m glad to see it expand beyond PC and consoles. I also think Johnathan Blow has a big enough name he doesn’t need to work out exclusive deals for digital games anymore. I mean, the guy is getting featured in mainstream news now!

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