‘Kings Can Fly’ Soon To Be Released By Firedroid

Kings Can Fly

Kings Can Fly
Firedroid, maker of Barrr, is ready to release their second game, Kings Can Fly, a bright and colorful mobile puzzler.

The story is that of a king, bored with his kingly duties, spicing up his life by helping to guide airships to different destinations.

Players act as the king and get to place various types of fans on a map that will guide the airships to their goals.  There are over 60 levels where the player has to avoid many obstacles.  The idea is to challenge your brain by finding unique ways to get around each interruption.  The levels will vary in difficulty to avoid boredom and the final levels promise to be truly challenging.

Firedroid wants this game to be accessible for everyone and has done their best to make sure that even older phones will have no problem playing this game.

Kings Can Fly is scheduled for release on November 22, and will be available for iOS, Android, and Xperia Play.  You can find out more information about it by checking out its official site or its development blog.  You can also visit Firedroid’s Twitter.

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