‘Klopex Galactic Bubble’ Launches On The App Store And Google Play


Klopex Galactic Bubble is a game that just recently launched on both the App Store and Google Play and is about saving and releasing planets from dreaded alien invasions and extremely dangerous viruses. The player will have 120 different levels to play through, and in those 120 levels you will be able to fight 7 different final bosses by using 10 different balls infused with special abilities or up to 12 regular balls. Klopex Galactic Bubble actually reminds me of games like Smiley Pops, it isn’t exactly like that, but has some relation.

Klopex Galactic Bubble has six different game modes you can choose from, and also has 4 local multiplayer modes. Klopex Galactic Bubble also allows you to share and compare scores with others through the use of social networks like Facebook. The game definitely caters to the casual player as opposed to anyone that is looking for something more “serious.” This title does seem to be more focused upon trying to amuse the player through short colorful and a crazy amount of missions to play through. I did download the free version of the game and played it, and I have to say that the background art is really good for the graphical style they present. G4M3 Studios really put a lot of work into Klopex Galactic Bubble. They allow you to play through the first 40 levels for free, and from then on you can decide whether you want to buy the entire game or not.

If you want to give Klopex Galactic Bubble a shot, just head on over to Google Play or the App Store to download it free. Check out the trailer below to get a quick rundown on this title


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