‘LameCraft’ Now Works On PS Vita

LameCraft Vita
LameCraft Vita

Drakon’s Minecraft clone, LameCraft, originally intended for the PSP has now been successfully updated to work on the PS Vita.

Given the popularity of Minecraft, it’s no surprise that people are working on clones, spin-offs and inspired games all around the globe and probably at all times. One of which is a developer going by the name Drakon who released his own Minecraft clone for the PSP called LameCraft. With the release of Sony’s latest handheld, the PS Vita, it was only a matter of time before the game was updated to work on there too.

That has now happened as shown in the video below – you can essentially play Minecraft on your PS Vita at no cost except a few workarounds.

To get LameCraft working on the Vita, you’ll first have to download the Vita Half Byte Loader (VHBL) which is an open source Homebrew Loader for the PSP and Vita. It allows the playing of fan-made games on Sony’s devices and runs game emulators too, it cannot and will not allow the playing of pirated games.

Here’s the download for LameCraft for PS Vita.

Via Drakon

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  1. christopher lopez

    how do you download lamecraft on psvita ive been searching for how to do it please give me an answer ;(

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