‘League of Evil 2′ Review – Gains pixels and fun!


League of Evil 2  ditched the ‘pixel perfect’ aspect of the original LoE and it still packs a punch. LoE2 features more of a cartoon-styled sprites instead of the old pixelated visuals. As a retro lover, I’m sad to see the 8-bit music go, but that same soundtrack is remastered into a hip-hop beat, fit for the new game. Ravenous Games, an  brings back the same classic controls, plus iCADE support! Not to mention, there are all new Game Center achievements and leaderboards for the competitive players. LoE2 also brings in a new iOS 5 feature, iCloud backups, so you never have to redo a level due to a broken iPad!

LoE2‘s gameplay hasn’t changed a bit, with the same elements as LoE, i.e., green soldiers, briefcases, timed gameplay, moving wall spikes, and spinning impalers. The movement controls, like previously stated, are exactly the same, with left/right directional arrows on the left and the jump on the right. There are multiple acrobatic movements such as wall jumping, double jumps, etc. Just one thing before you buy this game: do you like hard games? This game is difficult. The soldiers are vamped to have faster reaction times  and fire as soon as they see you, also, there are still your classic ninja Jedi with its lightsabers and new Rambo-a-like RPG soldier. They want you dead, real dead.

There are pretty infamous levels that got me quite frustrated, but in-the-end it’s my fault because no matter how hard the level was, it wasn’t impossible. Basically, it judges your quick wits and reflexes, and if you’ve beaten the level, you’ll know you’ve passed. If LoE2 didn’t have such responsive and intuitive controls, I’d say this game would be close to impossible. On the same note, yes, there is iCade support just like the predecessor. iCade support helps relieve the pressure on my wrists instead of holding my iPad at the bottom corners, and definitely enhances the gameplay. Kudos to Ravenous Games.

The plot’s simple here as well, it’s better than nothing. Your job is to find evil scientists, and bash them with your instant 1-hit KO. That’s all to it. Clearly the developers know that in LoE2, less is more. The design of the game is mostly minimalistic, not only that, but it’s quite well polished as well. This is a great platformer for all ages (probably better if they’re 10 and up), and it’s both easy to learn and really addicting. Just a warning: don’t blame us for a broken iDevice!

More information about League of Evil 2 is on their official website. The iOS version can be found on the App Store, universal for iPhone and iPad.

[review pros="Great level design, slick new sprites and animations, wonderful controls, multiple characters and enemies, and overall, very entertaining" cons="Could use a fix on the double jump errors, and could use more gameplay elements" score=90]

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