Lexicon Larry’s West Word – Time To D-R-A-W on iOS


Live gameplayYeehaw! Saddle up the horses and get ready to ride out because those cowpokes at Frivolous Twist, the developers of Raven Toll, have gone done and recently released their newest game for yer fancy iOS device: Lexicon Larry’s West Word.

A fresh take on the word puzzle game, West Word thrusts you into the Old West and asks you to build words one letter at a time by shooting them out of the sky with your trusty six shooters.  Mixing arcade style shooting with word building and a distinct flavour of cowboy country, it certainly looks to be a unique title.

We’ll have a review of Lexicon Larry’s West Word up soon, but if you want to dive straight in then head on over to the App Store where you can download the game now.

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