Light Shipping: ‘Min: A Space Adventure’ Coming To iOS Next Week

Min A Space Adventure

It says a great deal about our primitive species when a beach ball-sized planet of sprightly little mites can master the art of regular space travel long before we ever could. But that’s exactly what’s happened, in video game form, at least.

That’s the MO of Cwerki Studios’ latest intergalactic escapade, Min: A Space Adventure. Giving players a substantial degree of control over a race of diminutive upstarts called the Minimar, the game focuses predominantly on both the traversal of bizarre 3D worlds and the strategic customisation of their home planet. Purchasable upgrades function as means to make one’s planet safer, more powerful or the subject of a more rapid development process, instigating a degree of forward thinking as the player fathoms how best to tackle the unknown hurdles of outer space.

The game will be released on iOS platforms through the App Store on Monday 18th June, but Cwerki are keen to assure us that that won’t signify the end of Min‘s ongoing cultivation. Using the game’s Facebook page as a platform, the team is looking for community feedback and suggestions regarding potential improvements to butter up the Min experience in the future. We’re told that new maps, planets and game modes to complement the pre-existing Time Trial gametype are already in the works, but the team will be looking forward to implementing fan-suggested tweaks as the game attempts to reach as large an audience as possible.

For more information on Cwerki Studios, visit its official website.

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