Line Knight Fortix – Released on iOS

Way back in 2011 we reviewed a PC game inspired by the cult arcade classic Qix called Fortix 2. It became an IGC DICE award finalist and we reviewed it again when it was renamed Knight Fortix 2 and released as a PSP Mini in 2012. In our 2012 review we noted that the game was being prototyped for iOS and I’m pleased to say that it’s now available to download via the App Store.
Having undergone another name change, the game is now called Line Knight Fortix. In it you play as Fortix the knight, trying to take back your lands from the infamous sorcerer Xitrof (see what they did there?). You do that by moving the brave and valiant Fortix around the map using your finger tips to point him in the direction you want him to go. Each move leaves a line behind Sir Fortix and each solid shape you draw with that line conquers a section of the map, including any power ups, canons or catapults within. It also kills any ogres, fire-breathing dragons or other nasties in that section that Xitrof has sent out to get you.
The challenge is that should one of those beasts touch you or your line before you’ve finished drawing out a solid shape then you die.  It requires tactical thinking, anticipation and dexterity to gain victory in each level. Developers, Nemesys Games, and their publishers, BulkyPix, promise accessible but challenging gameplay over an impressive 45 levels.  It certainly looks like great value at only $0.99 (US).

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