‘Little Conquest’ – More RTS Coming Your Way

Little Conquest

It’s been history that the genre of real-time strategy is rather lacklustre on anything non-PC. While gamepads do not accommodate well to the vital fast reflex and micro-management it needs, the invention of touchscreen of smartphones and tablets seems to be closer to mouse and keyboard than anything else. Not that we haven’t seen RTS on mobile devices before, but Little Conquest indeed looks like a promising addition to our library.

Taking place in ancient times, Little Conquest promises to take you through two campaigns, spanning over four factions: Egyptians, Greeks, Vikings, and Nomans, each of which seems to have their own unique tricks up the sleeves. Judging from what we can see, the main gameplay looks like an expanded mechanism of the classic Galcon game: send more troops over a post than your enemy does, you get it. Instead of simply throwing generic identical cannon fodders, the choice of troops, siege machines,  mythological figures or building construction seem to matter to the strategy as well, creating a greater depth to an old genre.

Besides a neat gameplay, Little Conquest also carries a striking visual style. Colors are bright, objects are stylized, and the game looks adorable despite the heat of war. In technical terms, this seems to assure us a decent framerate without hiccups or lagging in more epic battles.

Battlebit‘s portfolio also seems to have a couple of other decent strategies titles, all of which are made for iOS devices. While they look rather intriguing, little information about their development status is available. We’d love to get our hands on them someday, but for now, Little Conquest would seem to be the first delight from the studios.

For more information, visit the developer’s website. Little Conquest is slated for release on iOS devices with retina display capability (plus iPad 2). No release date is currently available, stay tuned on IGM Mobile for updates.


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