Lock Horns With Space In ‘Super Ox Wars’

Ox Gods

The retro remakes continue to roll out of the iOS factory as Llamasoft’s latest game, Super Ox Wars, proudly sports it’s Galaga outerwear with the slightest hint of Ikagura filling.

If the Galaga tie in was not enough to tip you off, Super Ox Wars is lovely a space-based bullet hell game which challenges players to do – what else? — shoot everything in their path in order to acquire the best score. In order to break up the usual bullet hell pray-and-spray mentality, Llamasoft has thrown in a colour shifting mechanic which builds favour for players on a bar just below where all of the action takes place. Oxen do battle here, either gaining the upper hand depending on which power-ups the player collects while blasting away at enemies, the objective being to shift the battle either way in order to gain special power-ups unique to that Ox. The blue side will give players a bit of help in avoiding death at the hands of enemies with the use of an array of stars which will gladly jump in front of the onslaught of bullets the game provides. At the other end of the spectrum is a bit of extra offensive power, allowing player’s to stop playing chicken and deal out as much punishment as the game seems able to.

As weird a the whole thing may sound, the gameplay is solid and all visuals are as well done as what one may have come to expect from Llamasoft. If you want to give it a try, you can pick up Super Ox Wars on the App Store today for just $1.99.

For more information on this and other Llamasoft projects, check out their official website.

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