‘Save Sea Turtles’ Review – Looking For Something To Save?

Save The Turtles

Save Sea Turtles is the first title from ThinIce Games, based around guiding sea turtles to the ocean. In order to get your sea turtles safely to the ocean, you must guide them around rocks while avoiding the crabs and seagulls that will eat the turtles if given the chance. The game was designed in Unity, has a nice, bright color composition, and is both child and adult friendly. As more than one turtle can be controlled from different points on the screen at the same time, more than one person could potentially be involved in the game-play.


As you can see from the trailer, the game has a 2-dimensional top-down perspective and the turtles travel from the bottom of the screen to the top. Crabs move horizontally and will destroy any turtles in their reach, while seagulls fly horizontally and will fly away with any turtles in their direct path. Players must keep track of multiple turtles and can only move them left, right, or backwards; otherwise the turtles travel forward and get stuck on any obstacles that are in their paths.

[private_insider] Save Sea Turtles spans 48 levels and three modes of play: Easy, Medium and Hard and unlike some games that have minimal differences between their modes of play, there is a huge difference between the easy setting and the hard setting. It is definitely recommended to play the game on easy mode for a bit to get used to the game’s controls before throwing yourself into hard mode because there is a lot of craziness.

Save Sea TurtlesIn addition to the different levels of difficulty, players also receive ribbons for levels that are completed without any turtles being harmed. There are also three stars in each level that can be collected by the turtles (one star per turtle), placed throughout the level in various spots. If you make collecting all of the stars part of your goal, the game becomes substantially more difficult regardless of the difficulty level.

Though the game is entertaining and difficult, it can definitely become a bit frustrating at times due to how much is going taking place on the screen simultaneously.  The main problem identified on the game is that when it is being played on a device with a larger screen such as the Galaxy S3 that it was reviewed on, it does not fit to the screen at all. This means that the display is much smaller than necessary, which is not a winning feature in a touch screen game.

Save Sea Turtles is available for Android devices in the GooglePlay Store with an option to purchase the game in HD. There are Lite versions of both the regular and HD versions of the game as well, with 8 levels of game play available. Though ThinIce Games is new on the scene, Save Sea Turtles is a great first effort. You can find ThinIce Games on Twitter, as well as their website.

[review pros="Fun, lots of replay value" cons="Doesn't fit to screen in larger devices" score=70] [/private_insider]

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