Looking Shapely: ‘Polymer’ Teaser Trailer


Maker of audio delights, Whitaker Trebella, is making his very first app called Polymer and it seems to be coming along very nicely as can be seen in this teaser trailer.

According to Whitaker – “Polymer is what you get when you combine the logic of Rubik’s Cube, the sliding mechanism of Trism, and the creativity of Lego”. That’s a lot to take in though, so allow us to break it down for you. Polymer challenges the player with matching blob-like shapes that appear randomly all over the screen. They do this by sliding the columns and rows, typically looking for shapes of the same color and then finding a way for them to conjoin.

There are a few game modes: Two Minutes, Ten Polymer and Bomb. These haven’t been outlined fully but we can take an estimated guess using early versions of the game, in which, one mode was like Tetris with shapes appearing randomly over the screen and one mode had ‘bomb’ pieces which contained a countdown timer and needed to be matched up and destroyed as part of a bigger shape before exploding.

As Whitaker is a man of music, we’re expecting that element to come through strong in the game. You can hear what kind of vibes Polymer will be ringing with in the trailer below – quite a chilled, pulsing tune which matches the visuals and gameplay pretty well we think.

More information on Polymer can be found on the developer’s official blog.

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