‘Magic Wingdom’ – Marbles Turning Magical

Magic Wingdom

Spheres and marbles are just plain fascinating objects. The totally uniform body reacts in an interesting way in physics, bringing us many video games that revolve around it. PlayCreek, the developer of the popular Death Worm, once more visits the object with Magic Wingdom. Well, Magic Wingdom doesn’t really use accelerometer, and its marbles aren’t exactly spherical either, but it doesn’t stop us from enjoying it at all.

Magic Wingdom is definitely one of the more unique games that we’ve seen in a while on the App Store. It uses a micro-management simulation style that resembles Harbour Master and Flight Control with a touch of match-3 puzzles. The end-product is solid gameplay that challenges our reflex and delights us with the fun of racking a high score. Like Flight Control, your sole task is to prevent any collision among incoming waves of marbles from all directions as long as possible. Their courses are plotted with line-drawing mechanics, marbles are cleared upon colliding with another of the same color. Colliding with multiple marbles appropriately results in combo for a high score, urging you to wait for more to come in, but risking unwanted crash that would end the game. Occasionally, items will pop in the arena, giving you a chance to change the course of the game. It’s a functional and fresh gameplay mechanic, and it’s definitely fun.

While riding marbles for scores, you will be collecting coins and performing quests. Each quest will ask you acquire a number of items, which then will yield reward. Your monetary loot will be spent on magic bird farm, purchasing more creatures and adding bunches of decorations. I blinked my eyes a few times upon seeing the birds, but I think I understand if PlayCreek thought birds were associated with success of smartphone video games. There are also a handful of in-app purchases of coins and deluxe items, in case you are interested in farming magic birds without too much fuss or marbling.

It should also be noted that the free version of Magic Wingdom is quite playable, though your progress will be rather slow. In any case, the paid deluxe version is only one buck, which is a great deal of fresh fun with marbling, and definitely the better way if you love magical birds as well.

For more information, visit the developer’s website. Magic Wingdom can be purchased on iOS App Store, universally on iPhone and iPad for $0.99. Android version is listed by the developer as ‘coming soon’.

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