Manipulate A Storyboard To Tell A Story In ‘Framed’



Earlier this month, Loveshack Entertainment released a concept video for their upcoming game, Framed. The video demonstrated the core mechanic of the game: players will have to manipulate a number of storyboard-like illustrations and organize them in the correct sequence, to complete the scene, and continue on with the narrative.

As seen in the concept video, the player makes the mistake of approaching an armed character from the front…resulting in death. A few swipes and moves later, and the storyboard plays out that the character approaches the armed character from behind…with an axe. Problem solved.

Loveshack Entertainment describes Framed as “a novel, dramatic, panel-shifting game experience.” Collectively, the three man team has worked on titles like Real Racers 2 and 3, Syndicate Wars, SPYmouse, and Theme Hospital. The three met while developing SPYmouse for Firemint. The trio have since left that team, and in August 2012, founded Loveshack Entertainment.

Framed is expected to release later this year, for PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones. Follow Loveshack Entertainment on Twitter, and visit their official website.

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