Mario? Heck No! ‘The Other Brothers’ Alpha Preview Footage

TOB01 (1)

When we see another damsel in distress, we tend not to think about Willy Wiener and The Tunnel of Doom but something more like Mario saving the Princess Peach from Bowser. We’ll be seeing a familiar theme in The Other Brothers, which may strike you nostalgia for the “old-school times”. Same as Mario, we have two plumbers, trekking through a perilous journey (hinted to be SPACE during our interview with the developers) to save this special red-headed girl from the mafia (a massive plot twist was also hinted at).

The Other Brothers features a ‘virtual mode 7′ chip to emulate the classic SNES hardware – more information on the tech behind the game is available in the developer diary. This four man development team is all about ‘empowering artists’, allowing the developers to be free to create, and not chained down to scripting and technical issues. We do know that there will be a ‘virtual d-pad’, allowing the full control over the characters on the animation timeline – as if the player was moving it – allowing the cut scenes to come to life.

As a retro-gaming fan, I found the pixelated artwork simply beautiful and the scenery quite magnificent. The game takes on the darker tones, as there are a lot of night and sewer scenes. Even while in the day, the color pallet they chose seemed to resemble Swords and Sworcery a tiny bit. You’ll encounter monsters and the mafia, what could go wrong?

In the footage shown above, it contains clips and cut scenes that may or may not be included in the release of the game, and the finished game may induce significant changes. Gameplay length, levels, release date, pricing, and other information has not be released other than the game will come in an episodic manner, a great value for your money, and will be released during Fall. For future updates, you can visit the developer’s official website, which contains additional information as well.

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