Massive ‘God of Blades’ Update Coming Soon

God of Blades
God of Blades

White Whale Games, developer of the hit iOS endless slasher God of Blades, has submitted their latest update to Apple, and it’s a big one. Coming hot off the heels of a successful September release, God of Blades is getting new environments, a fresh game mode, and some tweaks for players to unlock extra content.

First up is an entire new asynchronous multiplayer mode called Revenant. Players will now be able to create and customize their own character and level it up by playing against other users, complete with Game Center integration. Players will go up against their challenger’s character in a showdown in which will act as a final boss before they officially pass their high score. Even more interesting, players will now be able to go up against several friends in one run. White Whale Games was heavily influenced by Dark Souls which allows users to invade another player’s world.

The two new environments are the Star-Striders Field, an area where jellyfish have come from outer space and landed in order to mate, and the blazing caverns of the Cave of Memory. Here users will run through a firery lava-esque level complete with a dragon.

The last tweak White Whale Games is making is the ability to unlock the special weapons that were initially exclusive to people who used the library feature. Unfortunately since Foursquare’s API isn’t available in every region not all players were given a fair chance to attain the rare swords. Now users will be able to add them to their inventory by using regular sword points.

White Whale Games is aiming for the update to be accepted this month, but Apple gets busy around the holidays so keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime, be sure to pick up God of Blades on the App Store if you haven’t already.

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