Math Meets Soccer In ‘Goal King’

Goal King
Goal King

Goal King is a fast-paced combination of math and soccer, creating the perfect educational game for kids, or a personal brain tester for yourself. In Goal King you will solve math problems as fast as you can in order to pass the ball to your teammates and score goals.

The math problems revolve around addition, subtraction, and multiplication, all while a timer counts down. Speed is at the forefront of Goal King as you can miss out on passing the ball if your too slow, even if you get the answer correct.

What’s really great about Goal King is it supports Game Center and online multiplayer so you can play with friends across the world. Goal King will also feature various modes of difficulty such as the slower-paced Classic mode, or the fast-paced Action mode. Not only will you improve your mathematical thinking, but your reflexes, and reaction time as well!

Right now Goal King is free on the App Store for a limited time, so be sure to pick it up!

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