MG: The First Portable Gaming System For The Android Market

The MG
The MG

PlayMG, a new start-up, has just announced the first dedicated Android mobile gaming device called the MG. Unlike other Android devices out right now, the MG is a portable non-cellular WiFi gaming device for the massive Android games market. With a huge 4″ touchscreen, the MG does not require a data plan or any other type of subscription. The device has a suggested retail of $169, but is available right now on Kickstarter for only $99.

The MG will feature a built-in front-facing camera to go with Android 4.0′s Face Unlock security feature. The MG Origins Avatar system, which will be included in every device, is a way for gamers to “gain points and customize and unlock the origin story of their own personal gaming companion, which makes setting up and using their MG a game in and of itself”

The device is heavily aimed at kids whose primary source of income is their parents. The MG Family Collaboration System will have a “DebitSmart” Digital Wallet that allows parents to set up a re-loadable debit account for their teens MG and create a “game allowance” so their kids don’t go out and drain daddy’s bank account.

The MG will also come with a standard SD port, 4GB built-in memory, stereo headset jack, and the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system

If you ask me, that’s a helluva deal! When factoring how a top of the line Android phone can cost around $200 – $300 with a 2 year contract, the MG doesn’t sound half bad! By the time your two years are up on your cellular contract you’ve paid up to at least $2,000. Of course the MG doesn’t come with phone capabilities, but that also makes it a perfect gift for that kid who doesn’t need a phone in the first place!

With the recent announcement of the Ouya, an open source Android home gaming console, the Google operating system is gaining a ton of momentum in the gaming industry as of late. Not only is it good for Google, but for game indie game developers as well. With more dedicated gaming platform devices coming out for the operating system, it offers different outlets for their game to be found on.

Be sure to visit the Kickstarter campaign and check out the quirky, yet very informative and professional video, that we embedded below. The people working on the device are not your everyday Kickstarters, these are industry people that have some prior experience, so it’s defiantly worth a look!

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