Finally, The “Craft” In ‘Minecraft – Pocket Edition’ Arrives With A Huge Update


For the past few month’s Minecraft – PE, in the review section, there has always been constant requests for crafting items. Well, isn’t that what Mine”Craft” is a bout? For those who have been waiting, we have some good news for you! The excellent mobile edition of the highly popular – Minecraft - comes out with a new update including what all buyers want: Crafting!

Well, that’s just the main dish, what’s for dessert? Well, I forgot to mention that there are: New mobs, including cows and chickens! There are new sounds and SFX added as well as an inventory for the player. Resources must now be gathered, instead of the old sandbox with generated items.

The newest blocks and items include: Crafting Table, Brick Slabs, Brick Stairs, Cobblestone Slab, Snow, Stick, Wooden Slab, Dandelion Yellow, Wooden Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe, Sword, Bowl, Sugar, Book & Paper. There are also bookshelves that can be crafted. Checkout this great screenshot showing the crafting UI:

What a wonderful update, including just what we players want. As of 4/23/2012 the ratings on iTunes remain a consistent five star rating, after over 300+ reviews. Meaning, of the thousands of players who updated, about 300 of those took the time to review the app and decided that crafting really made the difference. In short, we now have survival mode for Minecraft – PE, so, “good bye boring ol’ creative mode and heeeello survival mode!”

Check out the Minecraft – PE experience on the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android), available for $6.99. Notice: The app on the Play Store has not been updated.

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    It is not possible to craft in CREATIVE mode, right?
    I know there’s an endless supply of bricks,etc., but it would be nice to be able to create (craft)some items too.
    I don’t play survival mode in PE because the zombies are relentless and I always die!
    Any help or advice on how to best whack the zombies for a mid-aged chick who just got the Minecraft bug from her little nieces and nephews??? :)
    Thank you!

    • CB1111

      Key is to build a bed, sleep a night in it. Also craft a chest to store most items. That way when you die, you get sent back to be near the bed. Your items also don’t get lost if they are in the chest when you “die.”if you can get back quickly to where you died, all the items on you are still there for a short while.

  2. Patraynham

    Ok that’s a +1! Now let’s get some more updates… Like oh idk.. Supply Crates, Armor, Larger worlds, food, more tools– you know, like everything the original has that we DON’T

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