‘Minecraft – Pocket Edition’ Now Available On Kindle Fire


Lets play connect the dots! Minecraft – Pocket Edition has finally landed on the Amazon App Store. What does that mean? It can finally be purchased on Amazon’s Kindle Fire! Now you can watch your fort (that you spent hours building) burn to the ground in a massive fire, on your Fire!

If you remember correctly Minecraft – Pocket Edition was recently updated on iOS and Android to version 4.0 which included chests for storing items, Creepers, various dyes, and tons of other stuff to get it up to speed with its XBLA and PC counterparts. Kindle Fire owners will be delighted to know that they will also be getting the newest version of Pocket Edition.

Users have already been playing Minecraft – Pocket Edition on their Kindle Fire by rooting and using roundabout third-party subscriptions, but Mojang has finally put an end to all that unnecessary hoopla. So go ahead and download Minecraft on that tablet that your parents got you for reading books! That’s right, stick it to the man for only $6.99!

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