‘Minecraft – Pocket Edition’ Update 0.4.0 Now Online

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The much anticipated Minecraft – Pocket Edition update, officially titled 0.4.0, is now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad or Google Play for your Android device, and it’s a little earlier than the anticipated mid-September creators Mojang originally mentioned on their blog!

There’s a number of improvements and bug fixes, bringing the mobile edition even closer to the original PC and Xbox 360 editions. The biggest part of this update, of course, is Creepers. You know, those scary looking green things that will destroy all your hard work in seconds if you aren’t careful? Yup, their on your iPhone now, so you’d better be prepared. Luckily Mojang have added a few other extras to help you along, including beds so you can skip straight to dawn, TNT (which you’ll need some flint and steel to ignite) and chests to store your items within.

The days and nights are also longer now, giving you extra time to work on your mine or hide from the various bad guys that now litter the area. If, however, you prefer the building side to Minecraft over the struggle to survive, 0.4.0 also includes a peaceful mode setting which removes the monsters so you can concentrate on building the ultimate … well … whatever it is you decide to build in Minecraft, which is just about anything you can think of!

You can read up on a full list of changes and improvements here, and of course you can purchase Minecraft: Pocket Edition at the App Store or on Google Play right now.

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