MMA Federation – Digital Fighting, Real-Life Rewards

Looking to scrap its way onto iOS and Android devices in the near future is MMA Federation, a social game that brings real-world events and rewards into the ring for one of the first times in mobile gaming. Being created by Phil Goddard, a Manchester-based developer, and Bruce Buffer, the well-known Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) celebrity – which has spawned more than a few games of its own – they are aiming to make a game that is ‘built by MMA fans, for MMA fans’.


In MMA Federation, gamers and Mixed Martial Arts fans alike will become MMA fighters, and join others just like them in a social combination of training, fighting and stat-building. In order to become the best brawler around, gamers will be joining gyms and teams in-game that exist in the real world, training under real MMA champions in their chosen style of fighting. Their successes and failures will be heavily influenced by Fight Metrics, which takes real-life rankings and turns them into in-game bonuses and statistics. This is similar to the popular Fantasy Leagues for football fans, and makes the game perfect for those management-sim junkies out there.

As you can probably tell, MMA Federation will be blurring the lines between reality and gaming, and it doesn’t end there. While the real-world will be affecting in-game success, in-game success can lead to real-world rewards, such as signed memorabilia, training sessions, and even tickets to events around the world. To any fan of MMA, this will be more than enough of a reason to delve into the social, ever-evolving world that Goddard and Buffer are trying to create.


There’s certainly a chance to do this, too, as they are looking to recruit over 3,000 beta testers through Kickstarter, ensuring that MMA Federation is the game that those whom are passionate about MMA want and deserve. If that sounds like you, find out more about the game at over at Mixed Martial Mobile, and see how you could be a part of MMA Federation over on the Kickstarter. Who knows, it might get you front row tickets to a major MMA event in the future.

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  1. JSmyth

    This Game is going to be AWESOME- as it looks like they have the right people involved. I signed up for be a Beta tester-like the rewards. It’s time to join the FIGHT!

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