Molyneux Hoping For Downloadable ‘Godus’ Prototype By Christmas


GodusThe latest project by Peter Molyneux’s and development studio 22 Cans, Project Godus, will hopefully be getting a downloadable prototype some time before Christmas. The  Kickstarter project which was just announced a couple weeks ago  still has quite a ways to go before reaching its goal, but Molyneux is already thinking ahead.

“I hope by Christmas we have a prototype that people can download and say, ‘Actually, you know what, they’re already doing good work,’” Molyneux told us. “And this is what needs to happen with Kickstarter and games. The promises… wouldn’t it be amusing if I was the one to prove this right? These promises have to result in great games.”

Currently Project Godus sits at £196,231 of its £450,000 goal with only 17 days left to go. Kickstarter hasn’t been very friendly to the iOS and Android platforms; however, 22 Cans will also be creating a PC version. For a closer look at Godus be sure to visit the official Kickstarter page.

Source: Joystiq

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