More To ‘Unmechanical’ Than Mere Machinery


”Suddenly it was dark, and I was all alone. Where in the world was everyone? What just happened, and what is this weird place? Oh, what am I going to do?” says the robot star of Unmechanical, according to the game’s website.

This may sound uninspired at first, but the trailer definitely seems promising. It looks to be a physics-based puzzler involving our very mechanical and spherical protagonist who is a floating, emotionless head — trying to escape the insides of what looks like a factory.

The robot is perpetually flying, and must manipulate objects in order to pass. The trailer shows it activating some switches, either directly or through using objects such as stones or balls of light. The dangers our hero — or the closest thing the game gets to a hero — will face on its journey include sweeping lasers and giant rolling gears (evidently a giant rolling boulder would have been too clichéd).


This will be the first commercial game for a few of the designers involved in the 13-member crew simply known as “The Unmechanical Team.”

The game’s odd title may be referring to the fact that the somewhat gloomy, partly monochromatic backgrounds are organic and machinery-themed. The two seem to blend in with each other, forming a visually creative setting.

Graphically stunning and apparently simple to pick up and play, Unmechanical is shaping up to be an interesting experience once it hits the PC and iOS on August 8.

For more information, see the main site here. Unmechanical is the latest title by Teotl Studios, Talawa Games and Future Games.

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