New Releases Of The Week Feb 18 – 22

Major Magnet Screenshot

So many apps are released every week across the board, it can be hard to keep up with all of them. So starting today, we’re going to round up some of the best releases of each week and give you a quick overview of what to expect. Keep a close eye on IGM Mobile for the latest on these and more upcoming releases every week.


We previewed Major Magnet (App Store) not too long ago and now you can get your hands on this great looking platform game yourself. Expect plenty of old school platforming action (not unlike a modern Sonic) mixed with some new school flair thanks to Iddiction Games. We’ll have a full review coming soon.


Remember all those Looney Toons episodes with the wolf dressing as a sheep to catch its prey? Imagine if the sheep decided to get its own back against an entire pack of wolves by using the power of colour (or color, depending on your location) and you get Color Sheep (App Store, Google Play Store), a new action puzzler from Trinket Studios.


Being chased by bad guys isn’t an enjoyable experience, but luckily for the hero of Turbolab Pursuit (App Store) you’ll be able to outrun them all in this cunning combination of arcade runner and action shoot ‘em up from the lads at KoolFing and BulkyPix.


Golden Ruby Games introduces its latest project, Worm Run (App Store), where you must outrun a giant ‘eat everything in sight’ worm by swiping anywhere on the touch screen to control the hopeful hero in Zeke in his attempts of avoiding being the next item on the menu.


For something a little bit different, Year Walk (App Store) is a 1st person adventure game with a very unusual premise and some haunting yet beautiful imagery, from the creative mind of Simogo (Beat Sneak Bandit). There’s also a free companion app that guides you through some of the myths and creatures you will encounter.

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