22 Cans ‘Curiosity’ Delayed, New Title & Trailer


A new trailer hit the internet yesterday pegging 22 Cans’ indie experimental puzzle game, Curiosity, until September 2012. Curiosity was scheduled to release August 22nd for iOS, but its newest teaser trailer has disappointed fans with the bad news. What caused this delay? NASA.

Peter Molyneux, head of 22 Cans, tweeted earlier this morning that they can’t use the Curiosity name because of a little government project taking place on Mars currently. Not to be feared, there isn’t any trademark battle going on, Molyneux just wants to make sure that the Curiosity project pops up in Google and doesn’t get people confused with rovers.

Humm there is a problem with the name Curiosity” Molyneux tweeted.  ”We can’t use it because of NASA. I wonder what one word would sum up Curiosity: The Cube.” Apparently Molyneux is now taking suggestions from gamers out there and plans to tweet the best straight from the 22 Cans Twitter account. Some current ideas floating in the Twitter verse are “cuberosity”, “cubiosity”, and “intrigue”. With suggestions like, that we may see Curiosity delayed till winter!

For fans that were waiting to pick up Curiosity, catch the trailer below that tells you absolutely nothing and will most likely make you madder than you already are. I’ll personally be waiting on the sequel, in which Molyneux will completely denounce for the threequel! If you’re curious for more Curiosity news be sure to follow 22 Cans on Facebook and Twitter.

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