One More Jump For The Princess: ‘ToonBot’ Trailer


BrumDog Productions have released a trailer for their sidescrolling puzzle platformer, ToonBot, which is due for a release shortly on iOS devices and apparently Android as well.

ToonBot takes the shape of a gazillion games before it. It’s a sidescrolling platformer and you play as a blue bot who is in search of a princess. His journey will take him across many different locations that feature plenty of deadly traps and gizmos. Heard this one before? Yes, just slightly. But hey, another can’t hurt right?

When ToonBot is released (we still don’t know when) there will be a Lite version which will of course be free so you can try out the game before you commit to a purchase. If you do find you want to grab the full version of the game then it’s only going to cost you $0.99 and with that you’ll have 36 levels of traditional platforming fun. Plus, the developer has vowed to try to add six extra levels to the game every month once it is released. Not a bad deal really.

You can find out more information about ToonBot over on the official website.

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