‘Oppo-Citrus’ Mixing The Puzzle Genre Up

Oppo-Citrus Logo

Just the other day we filled you in on the Canopy Sensus, a new piece of technology that adds a rear touch screen to an iPhone for even greater control over your gaming experience. Well, thanks to the powers of the internet, we can now fill you in on a game that’s ready to make full use of the tech, whilst also re-writing the puzzle game rulebook.


Oppo-CitrusThe game is Oppo-Citrus, a puzzler that has you matching four blocks on the game board in order to clear it. The catch? Each block is actually a piece of fruit, you have a timer keeping you on your toes and, unlike Tetris itself, the blocks don’t fall from the sky towards the bottom of the screen. Instead, you have to drag up your desired piece from the bottom of the screen into the play field that’s littered with different coloured fruit blocks.

There’s eleven levels of difficulty all up, with the chance of unlocking an unlimited style mode of play if you’re able to complete them all. As is custom, there’s also plenty of leaderboards and achievements to unlock, but there’s some neat little presentation touches too. For example, each piece has been recorded using sounds from real fruit, which for some of us may be the closest we ever get to the real thing (or maybe that’s just me).

Canopy have been using the game to help demo their touch sensitive case at the CES expo, allowing you to control the action from the back of the phone not unlike a PlayStation Vita’s rear touchpad, or along the side of the case itself. That officially makes Oppo-Citrus the first game to make use of the controller outside of Canopy’s own designs. Here’s hoping more follow that trend and that we all get a chance to try this interesting concept real soon.

You can find Oppo-Citrus by the one man team of Martin Grider on the App Store now for $0.99c. You can also find more on the Canopy Sensus controller via the official website.

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