‘Organ Trail: Director’s Cut’ Is Now In Store

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

It’s probably a new joy for gamers and netizens alike: seeing a successfully Kickstarted project evolving into a full-fledged final release. We mentioned not along ago when Organ Trail was still in the late stage of its development, and of this moment, it’s a joy to see Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, sitting on App Store and Google Play with pride, in its full form.

The game’s title already said it: Organ Trail: Director’s Cut was the homage to the original Oregon Trail that aimed to teach children about the titular wagon route. You would be doing pretty much the same thing. Forced to leave Washington DC following a zombie outbreak, you would be traversing across an infected United States to the west in the hope of reaching a rumoured haven safe from epidemic. You party will get hungry, sick, injured, and will probably turn to zombie at some point, with the option of killing them. Other than zombies, survivors, bandits as well as random fate’s fortune will be on the road, waiting for you. More than the name and a familiar gameplay, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut also maintained the Apple II era graphic that would delight retro fans.

In case you’re curious what’s the game really like, there’s an older flash version on The Men Who Wear Many Hats’ website. The mobile version was added a tons of content following the successful Kickstart, henced the Director’s Cut. Control was also optimized for mobile, taking advantages of unique gestures such as swiping.

So far, we are delighted as the game have been climbing the chart of App Store, which should say something about its quality. While we haven’t spent that much time with the game yet, it’s been definitely hard to resist spending three bucks on Organ Trail: Director’s Cut. Probably, we shouldn’t have, and neither should you.

For more information, visit the developer’s website. Organ Trail: Director’s Cut is available on iOS App Store and Android Google Play for $2.99 for both version. The PC version on Steam is coming soon, waiting for approval.

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